Indian National Payment Corporation (NPCI) had already had many work features in the BHIM app, and now another feature of the work has been added in the Bhim app which has done UPI Transaction. In August 2018, last year, NPCI had announced that UPI 2.0 would get many work features, including the one-time mandate, overdraft account, and more transaction limits.

schedule in the BHIM app

After the latest update to the BHIM app, the One-Time Mandate feature has been added to the app. This feature will prove to be beneficial for the people as this feature will help you to schedule your payment quickly. For example, if you rent your house on the 15th of every month, you will be able to program the amount before the 15th of the month. For people’s information, let us know that currently the app only permits the peer-to-peer UPI Mandate. Let’s now tell you how this feature works.

Use the BHIM app on the UPI Mandate feature

First, enter your 4-digit password to open the Bhima app and log in to the account. Just below the bill pay on the home screen, you will see the option of “UPI Mandate” Here you will see four tabs like Maiti Mandate, Create, Scan and Gift. My Mandates, you will see all the medals you have created. With the help of the scan option, you can scan the QR code of the receiver and generate the mandate.

After clicking on the Create option, you will see the UPI contacts recently that you have sent money. Of these, you can select any connection or enter a new user ID. After this, come the amount and then click the Next button shown below. After this, it will ask you the frequency.

After entering the frequency, after you write validation (start and end date), write the remark, click Proceed. After entering all the details, you will see the confirmation button, the one thing to note is that before reading, carefully read all the information correctly.

Money sent in the form of a gift with the help of BHIM app

With the help of the Bhim App’s development feature, you can send money to anyone as a gift. For this, you have to click on the award. After clicking on the gift, click on the name of the contact you want to send money, you can also search by including the UPI ID.

After this, enter the amount and choose the opportunity (Birthday, Anniversary, Diwali, etc.). After this, select Expiry Date, write a message and click the Create button. Make sure to read the recorded information once more before confirming. After that, you will be asked for a 4 digit pin. The thing to note is that the maximum transaction limit per mandate is Rs 20,000 and you can set the maximum validity of the mandate to 90 days.