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Vivo V15 Pro Pocket Friendly with Premium FEATURES!


In the 20 to 30 thousand range, Vivo performs better. This is probably the reason that it is now bringing its many premium features in this range. These features were seen in the Viva Neaks we launched last year and this time it has been born in VivoV15 Pro. We used this phone with a modern design, pop up selfie camera for one week, and these display fingerprint scanners.
The phone is superb and premium in appearance. The selfie camera is fitted in the popup module. When it is needed, it exits from the phone, and after taking the photo, it goes back inside. The phone’s display is ultra-full view. Bezels are quite thin. Screen to body ratio is more than 91% of its witness. The phone is big, but the curve is so perfect that the grip remains.
The shield is ending in the back. The color of our review device was topaz blue. In the glossy finish, the phone gets dirty quickly. The solution given in the solution box can be made. Vivo has worked hard on the cover and also has a modern look. High contrast and sharp colors emerge in the AMOLED screen. Screen Protector also got us in the display. The experience of watching online videos and movies is also fantastic.

Vivo told the fifth generation of the technology of these display fingerprint scanners. The fingerprint scanner was fast, but not as much as the traditional fingerprint scanner, which is behind the phone. It will have been better if Vivo fits in the exact center of the display. Do not fold the fingers. There is a button in ‘V15 Pro’ for Google Assistant. Double click on it, Vivo’s own JV image recognition is also active. With the help of this, take a photo of a product and buy it online. Although it often shows a similar product.

This is the first phone equipped with the Snapdragon 675 processor, which we have reviewed. Believe it is quite powerful in the phone’s performance. At many levels, it is equivalent to Qualcomm 845. We have not seen anything like daily use. The phone did not bother even in running a lot of apps. We also play games without lag. Even massive games did not leave the frame. However, in gaming, the battery quickly fell. In 30 minutes we lost 8% Looking hot
Multitasking is easy. This is possible with the latest version of Android Pie and OSO Layer. Although there are many apps already installed Kids Mode is a great feature of the phone. With it, you can decide that when a child has a phone, they can reach limited applications.
Vivo ‘V15 Pro’ offers 32 MP popup selfie camera like AI Beauty, AR sticker. Comes with photo description. Portrait shots are also correct and come for details. Even in night shots, the camera gives good results. AR stickers are also good. Similar Stickers We Recently Viewed In Launch Honor 10 Lite.

When the camera turns out, its sound resembles the background score of the Hollywood movie. There are three cameras in the back. The main lens is of 12 MP, which is equipped with 48 million quad-pixel sensors. That is, it gives super quality 4 pixels for 12 pixels of high quality. 8 MP lens is for Wide Angle Photo and 5 MP for Naphtha Effect.

Coordinating three lenses gives good results. Especially when you are capturing Greenery, We got surprised night shots which were quite good. You can pull several shots at the same angle through live photos. However, on certain occasions, we did not find the results of the depth sensor.

The battery is slightly above average and runs for one day. It seems there is a shortage of Type C port. Although the dual engine is a feature of fast charging and our device was charged in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Good camera, superb display, premium design, and performance are the specialty of this phone. If you want something like this on your new phone, then ‘V15 Pro’ can be a better option.