FIFA 16 Demo & Official Game – Release Date

FIFA 16 Demo


This is about the time of the year when FIFA franchise fans start looking up for release dates and new features announcement for the next installment of the highly successfull FIFA franchise. This year FIFA 16 will be release on all plateforms including the next gen version on Xbox One and PS4 and also on xbox 360 and PS3.

EA Sports has officially confirmed the new game with a teaser video showing new game mode “women football” trailer and initial feature details. While the game itself will be release some where in September 2015

FIFA 16 – Release Date Predictions:

  • FIFA 13 – Tuesday, 25 September (America) & Friday, 28 September (Europe)
  • FIFA 14 – Tuesday, 24 September (America) & Friday, 27 September (Europe)
  • FIFA 15 – Tuesday, 23 September (America) & Friday, 26 September (Europe)

We take a look at release dates of last few FIFA editions and predict this years release date. FIFA usualy dop in stores on last tuesday of September in USA & last friday of september every year and so the trend continue we can expect FIFA 16 to be released on 22 September 2015 in United States.

So we can expect FIFA 16 to hit the shelves in North America on Tuesday, 22 September 2015 and 25th September in Europe and worldwide.

FIFA 16 Official Trailer (Women Footballer in the game):

FIFA 16 Official Demo Release Date:

EA Sports always release a playable demo for the upcoming edition of the game, last year for the FIFA 15 the demo was release on Xbox One and PS4 at the same time on 10th September 2014 and historically speaking EA Sports release demo couple of weeks ahead of the schedule release of official game. So we can expect FIFA 16 demo to be made available for download on Xbox Market Place and PS4 online stores on 08 September 2015.

The demo is free and once released you can download it through Xbox marketplace or FIFA origin for PC download. We will update this post with more information closer to the release dates.


Mortal Kombat X Cheats

mortal kombat x cheatsFranchises often struggle to stay relevant throughout the years, many of them settling to get by on brand recognition alone, delivering slightly polished variations of the same game year after year. Few franchises manage to remain fresh, sequel after sequel, and even fewer manage to get arguably better. Mortal Kombat X cheats, the latest and perhaps most ambitious installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise, lives up to its legacy by delivering a visually stunning content-rich experience capable of satisfying both casual players and experienced fans alike.

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Since it’s debut in 1992, the Mortal Kombat franchise has kept itself on top of the fighting game genre by consistently reinventing itself, avoiding the pitfalls of nostalgia that so often hinder other long-running series, while never neglecting its essence, the core elements that made it a crowd-pleasing favorite. Mortal Kombat X cheats mixes the cinematic presentation often associated with the series with an improved gameplay, peppered with new features and characters, and a story mode almost unparalleled in entertainment value. Most importantly, though, for fans of the series, Mortal Kombat X cheats remains as gory and violent as ever: bones break, blood gets spilled and, in the case of one particular move, testicles explode.

Mortal Kombat X differs from previous chapters in the series by mostly eschewing its eponymous tournament setting, focusing instead on a story that spans decades, featuring classic fighters replaying the great battles of their past and introducing new characters, often related to the characters fans already know and love. In total, the game includes 24 playable characters, including fan favorites like Johnny Cage, Liu Kang and Raiden, not to mention the much beloved ninjas Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Among the notable newcomers, you can play as Cassie Cage, daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Jacqui Briggs, daughter of Jax, and Kung Jin, Kung Lao’s younger cousin.

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The number of playable characters, though, is not what makes the game special. Instead, Mortal Kombat X cheats introduces a new game mechanic, perhaps its greatest innovation, called “character variations” and it is that feature that makes all the difference. Each character, by default, comes with three fairly distinct variations you can choose from.

For instance, new character D’Vorah, a half-human, half-insect female fighter, can be played as “Brood Mother”, which removes her hood and shows her tattoos, “Swarm Queen”, which shows insects flying around her body, and “Venomous”, in which a green substance is seen leaking out of her hands and from the scales on her things. The variations, however, are not merely cosmetic: each one comes with a different set of attacks, weapons and special moves. The end result being that not only does each fighter have three different looks, but also three entirely different play-styles, forcing you to change the way you play them since tactics that may prove successful with one variation may not necessary work with another.

Overall, Mortal Kombat X cheats is a brutal, bloody and, ultimately, incredibly fun game that excels at synthesizing the time-tested pleasures of its franchise with the kind of graphics and mechanics players of today have come to expect, whether they are die hard fans of the series that eagerly awaited its release or casual players, new to Mortal Kombat, that will soon discover what the fuss was about all these years.

Fast and Furious Legacy Cheats

Fast and Furious Legacy Cheats

As an adrenaline rushing, nail biting, high end racing game, Fast and Furious Legacy cheats is not only exhaustively intoxicating in nature but also, has been amalgamated with an arduous armory of features which in turn will make it one of the most sought after racing game of this decade. Available both on the iOS and Android platforms, Fast and Furious Legacy cheats is a high end racing game that has been built on speed and happens to be the official mobile game for the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Under the distribution of Universal studios, Fast and Furious Legacy cheats was developed by Kabam media and has officially been released weeks before the release of the latest chapter of one of the most successful motion pictures Fast and Furious.

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Concocted with everything that a Fast and Furious fan may expect from the movie’s official game, the Fast and Furious Legacy cheats features some of the hottest cars, fiercest game modes and high quality graphics that will undeniably leave the player begging for more. The racing game has a very unique storyline that allows the players to tear up the streets in a series of supercharged missions that are to be completed. Each player is expected to lead his or her crew against various rival teams by racing across various iconic movie locations like Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Los-Angeles. In addition, the player has been presented with the aptitude of tricking out custom rides then weave through traffic.

While racing, the player is expected to avoid the cops at all costs and can score airtime on multiple jumps. Some of the most outstanding and noticeable game features include;

Brand new driving modes; The player can be able to dominate drag races while in the process perfecting all the other brand new racing modes like Take-down mode, Street Mode, Getaway mode and Drift modes.
Battling notorious Villains; Fast and Furious Legacy cheats presents the players with the aptitude of competing against some of the fiercest villains present in all the seven fast and furious movies i.e. DK, Shaw, Braga and many more.

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State of the art car collection; the player can collect and upgrade up to 50 licensed vehicles some of which are from the Fast and Furious movies.

Iconic movie locations to pick from; The game allows players to tear up the streets of various locations from the fast and furious movie like Tokyo, Los-Angeles, Miami and many others.
Lead a crew; Players have the ability of recruiting friends for crew battles which will turn earn him or her respect and in the long run take over the international leader boards.

Regardless as to whether you are a big fan of the movie or not, there is still one undisputable fact, the game is definitely going to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. As the official game for the Fast and Furious film franchise, Fast and Furious Legacy cheats is free of charge and is available on Google Play and the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad app store.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats

Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats

It is something of a great accomplishment for the Dungeon Hunter 5 cheats to exist. I am definitely not talking about the behind the scene dramas in making this game but basically pointing out that Gameloft did something right so as to get to this 5th game in the series. The trick, is to walk over the tightrope while keeping all things fresh and also building on the previous successes.

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Let us start with the fact that the Dungeon Hunter 5 cheats game gets right. It has a compelling story that has your character surprisingly thrust into leadership positions of a guild of several bounty hunters. The interaction which you make with the NPCs are voice acted and then set over the dramatic music in the game. It is a rich backdrop. Graphics are also quite nice and even though the armor design borrows from the looks of Assassin’s Creed games, this is not a bad

You do not have various character classes to choose from but you are able to modify the way in which your character fights simply by choosing varying weapons; from crossbows to swords. There are also elemental components to all your equipment and weapons since the game uses rock-paper-scissor relationships from the card battle game as a form of inspiration. It seems an awkward fit for fast-paced action but since one can have number of load outs saved and also switch weapons at the middle of the levels using a single tap, which fairly works out well.

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Combat is fun as one teards past enemies using your weapons and various special abilities which depends on the items that you have been equipped with. The result is flexibility which can only be held back by the controls. Despite the virtual buttons and thumb stick being passable, there are times when you will wish that they were responsive while at other times you will activate an ability only to realize you are not facing towards the right direction.

Dungeon Hunter 5 cheats truly ditches the real-time multi-players the predecessor, which did not work that great anyway. However, what is substituted is a double-fisted dosage of depression. The initial component is basically a social aspect so as to earn better loots. After the first levels, you will be capable of bringing in a friend or a random player’s character together with you as the backup. With the friend, you will earn a multiple Bounty Tickets but random helpers will get you only one ticket. Chests of additional loot costs 10 Bounty Tickets in order to open thus behooving you to make the pretend pals.

Competitive PvP in Dungeon Hunter 5 cheats exists in form of Stronghold games where one has a specific number of fixed points in his base where he can leave monsters or traps so as to prevent the other player from raiding your own base for the gold. You can do a similar thing in return although the whole enterprise isn’t that great; it is like poor men’s versions of The Mighty Quests for Epic Loot. Therefore, you only get points having tried something different and not sticking the landing.

Few other things irritate a bit. The game has different energy systems for Stronghold raids and base gameplay in addition to a multiplayer’s “town” which actually has no purpose. The chat window found in town is mostly filled with silly conversations and while you are able to reduce it in as little as two lines, you cannot get rid of it altogether. These are common features in the mobile RPGs nowadays.

The biggest frustration comes with the gear systems. While it seems cool with an impressive variety, it is far too random for one get what he wants. This is because it is based on card-style fusion mechanics which means that for maximum effects, you will have to make a multiple runs via the completed levels so as to gather more loots of a similar element.

You will definitely applaud Gameloft for having continued to tinker with the series so that it does not get too stale. Dungeon Hunter 5 cheats is a great game full of experiences. Therefore, why not try it and get a first-hand experience of this great game?

Total Domination Reborn Cheats

Total Domination Reborn Cheats

From research and feasibility study, the Total Domination Reborn cheats game appears to be similar to other MMO consoles. This is basically because of certain features that it displays. However, MMO consoles usually sound entertaining when playing them. Though, you can experience the PVP elements kicking in and as well the training wheels coming off.

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Nevertheless, the game is still a great option for so many people today. To understand the tutorials of the game, it takes some time to master the strategies. This is also a vital process for you to understand prior to diving into playing the game. Another important thing to know prior to playing the game is the fundamentals of research, resource gathering, construction, and raiding encampments. This will help you get the right details in setting up the game.

You will discover that certain structures/images often unleash essential materials. There are others that produce combat units and soldiers when playing the game. In the case of other player’s bases and raiding mutant infestations, you can experience hand-offs when compared to other consoles. Players will have to choose a base or platform to combat with soldiers of their wish or desire. You will also have to be patient for the timer to tick down when playing the Total Domination Reborn cheats game. This is a vital aspect of the game that you should know as it will help effectively. The game will help you discover the importance of forming alliances with other players on board. You can turn Facebook friends and allies into cyborg heroes or warriors.

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It is important to know that Total Domination Reborn cheats remains a nice and amazing game. Players will always enjoy the detailed visuals. This can be especially noticed when zooming an object in a close distance. The designs for heavy weapons and soldiers usually sound great. One great thing about the game is the sophisticated and entertaining mechanics. Nevertheless, the options of the MMO remain an acquired taste and can be amazing when played especially the cyberpunk veneer type. It is important to know that the PVP require a lot of time to understand. This may even take you a lot of time training your armies when playing the game.


Above all, Total Domination Reborn cheats is worth investing in. This is because the product comes with great features to entertain players. On this note, you will discover that training your soldiers to attack or fight properly helps to increase your defense. Apart from the tutorials that take some time to understand, you will be happy with the design and features of the game. If you are looking for a game that offers fun and great entertainment, Total Domination Reborn cheats remains a good option. It is educating, intriguing, adventurous, entertaining and full of fun. It is one of the best MMOs that you can play online today. You can get the Facebook version for a trial. Giving the game a try will help you understand it better, time and again. Ensure to read through its tutorials for better understanding.

Empire Z Cheats

Empire Z Cheats

Empire Z cheats isn’t quite what you might expect it to be. The game’s poster (displaying four heroes armed to the teeth as they defend against a horde of zombies) creates the picture an action packed thrill ride, filled with explosive battles against vicious enemies.

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You need only play the game a few minutes to realize that you will not be fighting any real zombies during the run of Empire Z cheats, at least not in any way that will be ostensible to you.

Empire Z cheats instead takes the shape of a base defense’ game, where the goal is to construct a city that will contain both humans and the infected, citizens that you will have to protect using the tools available to you, this including a wall and traps.

The enemy you are fighting isn’t the anticipated horde of zombies but other players, some of whom might resort to using the infected along with jeeps and soldiers to attack your city (though you do not have the opportunity to actually witness these action packed scenes).

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Upon logging into Empire Z cheats, the tutorial will guide you through the process of putting up your first structure; you will need buildings to house your troops, store the infected and host your command center. A wall is also essential, along with the various defenses you might decide to craft into it (the most common traps being turrets and mines).

You will have to utilize your soldiers and even the infected to collect much needed resources (by having them march outside the city). The game provides a world view’ from which you can scrutinize the entire area using a search tool, possibly even making the decision to teleport your entire city to new regions.

The approach you utilize, the decision to move your city and the resources you acquire will depend on your strategy.


You are going to have to train your troops; this will require constructing a recruitment center within which you can customize your troops, specifically selecting the type of troops you want and their numbers. The availability of resources will determine the numbers of troops you can train. The same system applies to the infected, though you have to capture them rather than provide training. You can unlock new types of troops as you advance.


Power is crucial in Empire Z cheats, especially because of its impact on ranking. Power is essentially a score that takes into account numerous variables about a player such as the traps they have and the strength of their wall. The importance of power is such that some alliances impose a minimum power level for players that might wish to join them.


If you want to unlock new levels for the infected, upgrade your troops, walls and traps and make any noteworthy improvements to your campaign, these are tasks you can perform in the research center.

Empire Z cheats is supposed to revolve around players doing battle with each other; however the game isn’t nearly as sophisticated as titles like Clash of Clans. Outside of choosing how many troops you wish to use in battle, you need only click the Fight’ button to initiate an attack.

The fact that you do not get to see the actual fighting is a disappointment. The strategic elements are not the most complex; the question of victory comes down to a rock-paper-scissors type deal (certain elements in the game are stronger or weaker than other elements).

Empire Z cheats might appeal to social gamers but any individual seeking a real thrill (or challenge) will be sorely disappointed by the lack of tactics or real combat. Graphics wise, the game is also quite bland, nothing worth writing home about.

Crossy Road Cheats

crossy road cheats

Every now and then, Crossy Road Cheats comes along that has the elusive but much-sought-after “it” element. You know the type: that game that you look at, think “lame!” but start playing anyway. The next thing you know, it’s three hours later and your fingers are burning from tapping the screen of your mobile player. That’s Crossy Road cheats. It is a game that can be replayed endlessly, and you just may end up doing exactly that because time truly does fly when you’re having fun.

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Less is more

The simplicity of Crossy Road cheats is simply brilliant. Those who remember the days of game arcades in the mall will feel the familiarity with an old favorite called “Frogger”. In that game, you were a little frog who had to get across the busy road without getting your guts splattered all over the asphalt. You had multiple chances to do this in the form of multiple lives. In Crossy Road cheats, the game more closely mimics the real world. You get one life, and one life only. Your score is based on how far you get across whatever obstacle you’re facing. The farther you get, the higher your score. Sort of like real life: the higher up the ladder of success you go, the higher your compensation for getting there. Having only one life also gives the game a sense of urgency. You know that the task at hand is literally a ‘do or die’ scenario. The one-life rule on Crossy Road Cheats also makes it ideal for those quickie games when the boss isn’t looking or the teacher is writing on the board.

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Making your moves

One of the main complaints seen with mobile game apps is the method of controlling the game players. With Crossy Road cheats, the control lies in the fingertips. To move forward or backward, tapping the screen is all that’s needed. Not a lot of skill involved there but it does require a bit of strategy and predictive ability to make those gains without becoming roadkill. For side to side movements along the cardinal directions, swiping across the screen is necessary. Crossy Road CheatsHere is where a delicate touch and some practice comes into play. Rapid reaction skills and quick swiping are required to make a successful horizontal move.

Those little extras

There are a few features that are especially satisfying to see in any mobile app. Crossy Road cheats can be played in any orientation. This is always a huge plus in just about everyone’s opinion. There’s also a feature called “Everyplay” video sharing. This feature can be turned on and off to capture screen video. So you get to choose when you’re ready to record a run and share it with your friends. It also means you can totally disable the recording aspect if that’s your preference. And probably best of all: no ads to pop up and throw your rhythm off unless you choose to view one. The in-game purchase opportunities are entirely optional, too, which is always nice.


Crossy Road cheats has the components and ease of play that gives it the potential to land in the coveted category of “must have” for mobile app games. It is available in multiple platforms, and be expanded with in-game purchases which are entirely optional. So get ready for hours of addictive fun and intense game play. This game has less when it comes to fancy graphics and blow-out-your-ears sound, but it makes up for that with much more in the way of game play, game function, and good, solid gaming fun.

Cut the Rope Cheats

cut the rope cheats


Cut the Rope cheats is by far the most inventive and among the most fun game applications on the entire 500-thousand strong app store. It is available for your iPhone not even one year ago, its reasonable that “business as usual” is a positive thing for such an incredible amusement. In the (far-fetched) case you are new to Cut The Rope cheats, here’s the wrap-up: It’s a material science based riddle diversion highlighting a little animal called Om Nom that lives inside a crate and needs to be nourished with treat. Furthermore, its your business to verify the confection makes it into Om Nom’s mouth. Less demanding said than done.

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Experiments is not such a large amount of a continuation, but rather more like an extension to the first diversion. Its certain that the devs at ZeptoLab were mindful of that reality and that is the motivation behind why its not promoted as a continuation. At this moment, the diversion accompanies 3 cases that highlight 25 levels each. The principal box is pretty much a recap of everything you’ve been acquainted with in the first Cut The Rope cheats and gets you back on top of its gameplay. The second box presents a new item, a catch that naturally goes for the confection and, once tapped, shoots a rope at it. In the third box the amusement issues you catches that you can separate and re-join on account of suction containers. It’s enjoyable to begin messing around with the new questions get the hang of them. They give a totally better approach to collaborate with the confection and its pretty fulfilling to nail the ideal timing that the two catches frequently require.

Other than these new items, everything pretty greatly finished what had been started. Obviously, there’s a new little introduction feature to set the scene and additionally some new foundations and sound impacts. In any case general, everything’s still the great old Cut The Rope cheats that we know and affection. Why fix it, if its not broken, correct? The UI meets expectations, the controls are tight and little Om Nom as charming as usual.

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Like in the first Cut The Rope cheats, there are now new levels reported for you to download on the App Store in free redesigns. Furthermore, that is something I’m most likely anticipating, in light of the fact that it doesn’t take long until you’ve beaten the majority of the 75 levels. Yet ZeptoLab offered first rate backing and a huge amount of new substance for the first, so I’m sure that Cut The Rope cheats: Experiments will develop pleasantly after some time.

It merits saying that this time around, ZeptoLab discharged the amusement themselves without a distributer dealing with it. Furthermore, I surmise that clarifies truly a couple of things about Cut The Rope cheats: Experiments. If you’re a non mainstream designer and you just divided yourself from such an enormous name like Chillingo, you ought to presumably investigate three things: Get your own name out there, strengthen the brand that you’ve made and get some funding to guarantee liquidity and issue you the alternative to reinvest in future ventures. So in my thought, Cut The Rope cheats: Experiments is more than simply a spin-off, it is ZeptoLab first and essential venture to wind up totally free.

The nature of Cut The Rope cheats: Experiments makes me certain that ZeptoLab has what it takes to discharge many more incredible titles on the App Store. However see for yourself, Cut The Rope cheats: Experiments is an awesome riddle amusement that you shouldn’t miss if you’re a devotee of the class.

Boom Beach Cheats

 Boom Beach Cheats

Apart from being a mega hit, Boom Beach still remains one of the most anticipated free to play mobile game of the year 2014. Despite the fact that the developers have transferred the action from the magical kingdom to an oceanic tropical island, the game now boasts of a much improved graphic interface and a potent mix of strategy gaming and base building which in turn offers the Boom Beach Cheats a brand new combating system that is undeniably going to keep him or her entertained at all times.

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The main mission of the game is to liberate a group of natives who reside in an island and are under the captivity of an evil blackguard. While liberating this group of natives, you will be required to defend your headquarters from attackers and also build an army that has the capacity of taking down the main headquarters of the tropical island. The core goals in this game are usually backed up by a secondary goal i.e. you will be required to have both wood and gold in your possession so that you can be able to construct essential structures and also purchase other things.

During the game’s epic battles, the Boom Beach Cheats is usually given full control over where the landing vessels are going to drop and when he or she is going to drop the team of personnel. In addition, the Boom Beach Cheats is usually allocated with a specially designed craft which he or she will be required to direct the troops, provide medical assistance and coordinate a series of attacks on enemy buildings. Due to the amalgamation of base building and strategy gaming into Boom Beach Cheats overall design is undeniably one of the main reasons why the interaction between all the in game aspects and the Boom Beach Cheats, is always going to be intense while such concessions will always keep the Boom Beach Cheats fully engaged and entertained at all times.

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Apart from the intense activities, the Boom Beach Cheats is also going to spend a few minutes of his or her time banking resources, constructing new units and upgrading. In addition, the Boom Beach Cheats is also expected to reclaim lost villages, beat down new foes, and finally the Boom Beach Cheats might return to whatever he or she was doing outside the game. Sadly enough, the player can only be able to tackle one issue at a time. For individuals who might want everything to happen instantaneously, you can always purchase diamonds which can be used to subvert the system. Diamonds can be purchased by using real money, and the prices usually increase significantly with each impending level.

The currency purchased can only be used for reducing the time that will used to upgrade buildings especially during the early levels of the game. Like any other freemium mobile game, the upgrading process usually takes longer or may cost more diamonds. But all in all, there is a much easier way in which Boom Beach Cheatss can obtain in-game diamonds free of charge; you will be required to locate a treasure chest on the map which is always replenishing with lots of jewels. But unlike clash of clans, Boom Beach Cheats Boom Beach Cheatss can only attack other Boom Beach Cheatss but you cannot be able to chat with them.

Despite the fact that it may appear to be a spiritual successor of the Clash of Clans, Boom Beach Cheats appears to have a different kind of grip especially towards endless grinding and the in-app purchases that will undeniably reward those who are patient and meticulous.

Free Gems CoC

clash of clans cheats

Produced and distributed by the critically acclaimed Video Game developers Supercell, Free Gems CoC mobile application is a freemium mobile strategy game that presents the users with an opportunity to create a world while in the process destroying another. Originally Free Gems CoC had been released on the iOS platform while Android users had to wait a year later to access the game. Contrived with a much simpler in-game mechanics, Free Gems CoC app is a game that has the capacity of delivering a rather quick and painless matches for iPhone and Android users.

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Unlike any other online multi Free Gems CoC game, a Free Gems CoC will be required during the gameplay to build communities, train his or her troops and finally initiate a series of attacks on other Free Gems CoC so as to earn elixir and gold which can always be used to construct defenses. The defenses constructed will be used to offer protection to the Free Gems CoC especially during attacks. In addition, Free Gems CoC also includes a self-styled single Free Gems CoC campaign where the Clash Of Clans is expected to conduct a series of attacks on several fortified goblin villages.

Basically the troops available in the game are divided into four main groups namely Tier one which is made up of goblins, barbarians and archers while on the other hand Tier 2 is made up of wall breakers, giants, balloons and wizards. Tier 3 is made up of healers, dragons and heavily equipped warriors whose main identity is yet to be confirmed while the last group is the Dark elixir troops which is made up of minions, golems, lava hounds and witches. The dark elixir troops are only created by using a specific type of elixir that can only be found on the higher levels of the game.

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So as to earn and store elixir and gold, a Clash Of Clans must be able to construct his or her own gold storage and gold mines, elixir storage facility and elixir collectors. The elixir collected has one main function in the game-play which is to offer training to new troops. In addition, elixir can be used to carry out research in various laboratories so as to either upgrade troops or upgrade various buildings, especially those that can be used when attacking another Clash Of Clans military base. The gold acquired during the game-play is used in the construction of defense units and to upgrade the Clash Of Clans town hall which in turn will allow him or her to have access to other buildings in the town.

Free Gems CoC basically received positive reviews after it was introduced to the market. Respectable game reviewing websites like Metacritic referred to the game as the best strategic game of all time. Metacritic gave the iOS version of the game a rating of 74 out of a possible 100 while game reviewing giants, Game Rankings gave the game a score of 80 out of a possible 100. If you are looking for a strategy oriented mobile game that is going to put your mind on the test then Free Gems CoC might be just what you need.



To be factual and upfront here, the FIFA coins has become popular due to its great features. The nagging question is that people do not really know how to play the game. This is simply as a result of not knowing the basic features. Provided you know the basic features of the game, playing it will not pose any problem. This article will help you discover the basic features of the game and as well how to play it.

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FIFA Coins Generator Great Features:

As a player, you will not receive any notification of ban for acquiring the coins
Players are always free to use the coins
The generator has the ability of reproducing several other FIFA coins
For bots and mods, the coins cannot be detached
The FIFA COINS generator usually comes with automatic and instant updated features. Nevertheless, players will be updated on any new feature of the game
Players can play the game on platforms such as Xbox Live, Origin and PS Network
You can as well use the coins on your Tablets, Xbox 360/One, PC, mobile phones, and PS 3/4

How To Use The Generator Of The FIFA Coins:

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Studies have shown that players will not be required to provide email, security question and password when using the hack of the game. This also means that your safety, privacy and security are guaranteed. The first step to take is by downloading the FUT hack. This is usually done on the official website of the FIFA coins. You will have to go ahead to select the area to use the hack. There are several great platforms to select from. This can be found in the likes of Xbox, PS network, computer and just to mention a few. Right on the free FIFA points coins page, ensure to select the amount you need.

Next on the list in the process is to click on the data/information transfer button. At this point, you will be expected to be patient. You have to only act when the system sends a notification or query. In most cases, the system may respond players within one hour time. Right on the web application page or the console, you can easily check on your FIFA coins or points. Provided you have completed the whole process, go ahead to use your free generated points or coins. With this simple explanation, you are ready to go with how to use your free generated FIFA points or coins as required.


The FIFA coin is always an interesting game to play. The basic thing to know is how to generate free points or coins. Knowing the basic features of the console will help you gain quick access in generating your free coins or points. Nevertheless, it will as well guide you on how to use the hack of the FIFA coins effectively. If you have been finding it difficult to play the game, simply read through the explanation of this article. You will be able to find facts that can guide on how to use the hack of the game effectively.

FIFA 16 Coins Generator

fifa 16 coins

Have you been wondering on how the FIFA 16 coins generator work? Do you know how the FIFA 16 coins are generated? Is your quest on how the FIFA 16 coins are used for free? Reading through the rest part of this article will reveal the secret behind the coins generation and how you can use them. There is every possibility to be tired of the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team operation. Nevertheless, this post will give you a great hope. People have spent a fortune on the past edition of the FIFA Ultimate Team just to acquire points and coins.

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Players were simply disarrayed on the arrival of the FIFA 16 web app. The truth is that you can get started with the new game as well without any difficulty. The best way to play the FIFA 16 coins game is basically through its hack. There is every possibility to get the hack of the game for free. To be factual, you will not have to submit any email, password, or security question. Do you know that the FIFA coins can be acquired for free without affecting your security or privacy? Read on to discover the truth about the new FIFA coins game.

Preview For FIFA 16 Coins Generator:

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It is often a confusing question on how to get the FIFA 16 points or coins for free. The simple answer to this question is by finding the hack of the game. Through this method, you will be able to find the FIFA 16 points and coins for free. The truth is that you may not spend a dime to buy the FIFA 16 coins hack. From research and feasibility study, the game is specially created or designed to help players have fun. Records have shown that at the arrival of the FIFA 16 coins hack, only a couple of people were able to gain quick access to it. For other less privileged people, you can easily find a greater provision for it. This will help you gain access to the hack of the FIFA coins easily.

The latest FIFA 16 coins generator will always keep your hands working. This simply means that you are sure to get results when using the hack to produce the coins of the FIFA 16 game. When the FIFA 13 stormed the industry, studies have shown that only a few real coins or points can be created or generated. To be candid, this scenario made almost everybody confused. The great advantage of the new game hack is that you can comfortably use it on FIFA 13 and FIFA 14.

For this reason, it simply means that you are lucky to find the right path or system. Today, the FIFA 16 coins hack can be found on PS3-4, PC, and Xbox 360/One. Another important thing to know is that the FIFA 16 coins generator can be easily and quickly used without any stress. If you are planning to download the features of the game, it does not pose any problem. All you have to do is press the button of the generator or hack and find the best results, time and again.

Temple Run 2 Cheats


Temple Run 2 Cheats is the sequel to some of the most common running games for the mobile devices and the game has enough new features that are good enough to make it an excellent follow-up.

Just like the original Temple Run, the player uses swipe controls to turn, jump and run as Temple Run 2 Cheats explore the floating temple. However, in Temple Run 2, Temple Run 2 Cheats are not limited to the right-angle turns. The path that Temple Run 2 Cheats follow has rises and dips thus Temple Run 2 Cheats will have to jog left and right so as to make the game to be more visually interesting than original Temple Run.

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Temple Run 2 Cheats also get new methods of transportation using zip lines which Temple Run 2 Cheats can speed down and also a mine cart section which leaves Temple Run 2 Cheats leaning from right to left as Temple Run 2 Cheats ride fast over the rails underground.
Just as before, there are various characters which Temple Run 2 Cheats can play. Four initially: Scarlett Fox, Guy Dangerous, Karma Lee and Barry Bones. Unlike the original game, the difference between them is not purely cosmetic due to the use of the power-ups.

Therefore, what is new? The biggest difference from the predecessor are the upgrades to the game’s graphics that has great-looking visuals which Temple Run 2 Cheats cannot help but notice even when Temple Run 2 Cheats frantically try navigating Temple Run 2 Cheats via the twisting paths. The realistic-looking fire hazards will keep Temple Run 2 Cheats on toes and the animated rotating grinder adds more obstacles for one to slide under and or jump over in an effort to stay alive.
The graphics have been bumped up in terms of quality with the scenery surrounding Temple Run 2 Cheats being richer in detail.

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The developer, Imangi Studios, have used the Unity development’s platform for this game and has clearly fleshed out the game’s world.
There are some obvious “pop-ups” on display; scenery and rocky crags which seem to pop up from nowhere. However, there are no slowdowns which impacts on its gameplay.
Another new feature is the mine-cart section where Temple Run 2 Cheatsr character will reach the mouth of a mine then leap into a cart that Temple Run 2 Cheats steer safely through the forks by tilting right and left while ducking under the stray beams.

Temple Run 2 Cheats comes with 4 playable characters that Temple Run 2 Cheats can unlock all having their own upgrade paths and special abilities. However, there are lots of ways to gaining an advantage while running. There are power-ups which Temple Run 2 Cheats will find as Temple Run 2 Cheatsr run like the magnet which sucks coins towards Temple Run 2 Cheats or the shield which makes Temple Run 2 Cheats temporarily invincible and does the turning and running for Temple Run 2 Cheats.

Temple Run 2 Cheats will also come across the green gems occasionally which lets Temple Run 2 Cheats continue Temple Run 2 Cheats run even after a death. However, each time that Temple Run 2 Cheats continue with the same run, the cost will double thus making it to be cost-prohibitive to keep continuing.
Temple Run 2 Cheats is a free game. However, Temple Run 2 Cheats have the options of buying more gems using in-app purchases.

Definitely, this means that the players who are willing to spend their money will be capable of continuing as much as they wish thus securing their places atop the leaderboards. This seems a little unfair but that’s simply the state of mobile gaming nowadays.
In conclusion, Temple Run 2 Cheats is a great sequel to one of the favorite running games. Souped-up new obstacles, graphics, power-ups and unique characters, this latest installment is a must-have for any fan of running games.

Best Fiends Cheats

best fiends cheats

Best Fiends Cheats Features:

  1. Diamonds
  2. Meteor Mites
  3. Keys
  4. Unlimited Moves
  5. Unlimited Stamina
  6. Unlock All Fiends

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Would you like to know from A to Z about Best Fiends Cheats game? If yes, you will enjoy the rest of the article very much. The Best Fiends game is a role-playing game whose main theme is about conflicts and hatred. Gregor Hutton is the author of the game that was published by Box Ninja. The Best Fiends are women or girls who are friends although all of them hate each other.

The Best Fiends game involves storytelling where players or Best Fiends compete over the control of the narration so as to satisfy their desires and motivations. The process of creating the Best Fiends Cheats is itself a game because the players determine how they hate each other which in turn determine the level of abilities of each Best Fiends.

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The statistics of each Best Fiends Cheats in the Best Fiends game are determined by number of Best Fiends who hate them – so the Best Fiends can be rich, Tough, Cool, Smart or pretty. If all the other Best Fiends hate you because you are smart, then you are the smartest girl in the group. But remember, it is likely that you have a Best Fiends Cheats you hate because of being smart – one other Best Fiends will have points for being smart.

Every Best Fiends in the Best Fiends Cheats game is given a catch phrase (a sentence that summarizes their motivation and altitude) based on the statistics. A catch phrase like “Anything not tough enough is not worth having” for a girl who is very tough. The catch phrase that each girl has gives a clear picture of that Best Fiends qualities. The fun part of the Best Fiends Cheats game surfaces when different motivations conflict and make the Best Fiends Cheats do what they do best.

The Best Fiends game uses hatred to determine who wins when there is a conflict. For example, if two Best Fiends are competing for a guy, the pretty scores are compared, and the Best Fiends with the highest pretty scores wins. If the pretty scores for both Best Fiends Cheats are the same, then no one wins the guy. So, the main idea here is to use your best trait to get what you want. Thus, there is a small chance for a smart Best Fiends Cheats to out-pretty the pretty Best Fiends in order to win a guy. The smart Best Fiends Cheats can only try to maneuver the pretty one with her mental ability.

The mechanism used in the Best Fiends Cheats game is the push. Push is used as a means of increasing the Best Fiends Cheats statistics scores in order to win or keep another Best Fiends from winning an argument. When a Best Fiends push, she slides a Friend-Chip (token) across the table to the Best Fiends she hates. For example, when competing for a guy, you should push you token to another Best Fiends Cheats that is prettier than you – who may be your competitor.

The push continues until someone concedes defeat or when all the Best Fiends have pushed once. But remember, you can only push once for each conflict although you help someone to win by pushing on her behalf.
Lastly, although the Best Fiends Cheats game revolves around conflict and hatred, it promotes tongue-in-cheek and humorous tone. The game is exciting and full of fun as there is rarely any player versus player encounters in the middle of Best Fiends versus Best Fiends Cheats play.

IMVU Cheats

imvu credits cheats

Features of IMVU Cheats

  • Shared Room Package
  • Badge Canvas
  • Vip Membership
  • Marriage Package
  • Register Nme
  • Verify Your Age
  • Access Pass

IMVU Cheats is an all online website and metaverse, it was founded in 2004 b venture capitalists Allegis Capital, Menlo ventures, Best Buy Capital and the Bridge scale Partners. According to company’s co-founder Eric Ries, the name is neither an intialism nor an acronym, he also states that it’s by accident the company acquired it’s meaningless; it doesn’t stand for anything in particular.
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IMVU credit Cheats as a metaverse and website combine’s online social networking platform and a downloadable chat program that tend to include user profiles, groups, messaging among many other social features. Upon creating an account, members use 3D avatars to meet new persons, create, chat and play games, basic membership is free and also comes with a limited number of credits, which members can use to buy related avatar items. The company has over estimated 3 million active users; it’s the largest virtual goods catalog with over 6 million items.

Users that joined online metaverse are accorded to basic status although they can upgrade their status to a VIP status for only $10 a month; VIP status gives users a wider variety of features including ability to sell virtual goods, create and host chat rooms among others. Franchise is based in Mountain View, California and has a workforce of about 120 full –time employees guaranteeing their users of a 24/7 live online support. IMVU Cheats has been crowned as one of the best practitioners of lean start up approach. In order to keep users under 18 from accessing adult access pass, IMVU credit Cheats utilizes a strong verification process, but there still some cracks in the access system that stills adult content to filter out into public area therefore making  website iffy for users under 18 years.

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Imvu contains its own internal economy with an super currency system based on the IMVU Cheats promotionals and credits, there also another form of currency used in the system which is known as developer tokens that are only available to creators, developer tokens are earned when promo credits are used to purchase an item.

Credits for use can be purchased from a third re-seller party or directly from the IMVU credit Cheats by the use of actual currency. Upon crediting their accounts by use of actual currency, credit s cannot be transferred from IMVU Cheats credits to actual currency, but users can sell to registered re-sellers whom tend to purchase credits for real world currency. The credits can also be purchased on IMVU Cheats gift cards which are available at department stores at a retail price. The credits enable users to purchase virtual items including pets, clothes, hair, skins, accessories and 3D scenes including clubs, open landscape and homes. Furniture and fittings can also be purchased by use of credits and placed into unlocked rooms; there are rooms that have already included furniture in addition to rooms that include furniture and fittings that can’t be removed from the rooms. Promotional credits which are commonly referred to as the “predits” or “promocredits” are obtained by participating in various IMVU Cheats and partner’s sponsored promotions. Predits cannot be converted into actual currency; they are used to purchase virtual products.

Monster Legends Cheats

monster legends gold

Hello dear readers. As many of you request we will give you a some cheats for Monster Legends. Monster Legends Cheats tool v2.6 is latest tool available right now on forums. We hope that you like our tool and we also hope to help you in your game progress. As you know our tools are updated every week.

monster legends food

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Monster Legends Hack tool have some features like:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Double Xp

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Monster Legends Cheats program works on any device, iOS or Android, and also on Windows platform. What you need to successfully add this resources to your account? You need to download our tool and install on your computer. After that you need an original usb cable. Next step is to install Net Framework to avoid any errors. Next step is to open Monster Legends Cheat tool and connect your device on it. After that follow my instructions:

  • Select your device, iOS or Android
  • Click Detect/Refresh
  • Select what resources you want to add, Gold, Gems or Food
  • Click Start and wait for all processes to finish.

After that restart your devices and you will see all resources added in to your game. This tool is updated every week with latest features. If you have problems with connection feel free to use Contact page and leave us a message with your error. We will fix it as soon as possible. I hope that help. Happy gaming!

About Game:

Review of Monster Legends Facebook Game. written by: wangosh Review of Monster Legends Facebook game.
Including Dragon Location, Monster Stories keeps players busy together with egg hatching, monster breeding, giving, and dealing with. Players not just need to build habitats and also farms to set monsters and also produce the necessary food, they should construct pub, arena and other structures to support extra features, and often clear pebbles, rocks, trees and also grass to create room on the small swarmed floating isle

Monster Stories presents some new mechanics setting itself and so a few comparative post titles, notwithstanding with their stages. Developed structures inside the region, not the same as those with Dragon Location, can wind up being overhauled. In that way, players can surely extend the habitat EUR(TM)s potential and property more monsters furthermore have the home holding a ton more gold. Moreover, they can surely level upwards homesteads to have openness to numerous manifestations of yields, which could develop in more time interims. On regularly the one hand, these sort of overhaul tasks spare room and troubles for making more structures. On another hand, they get longer the ideal time to finish and subsequently need animating with a considerable measure more jewels if you be willing to.

Building furthermore clearing would not be an issue in Dragon City EUR” they’re conceivable so long as you have a lot of gold. In any case they are a major issue with Monster Stories. Like Clash connected with Clans, Monster Stories permits players to experience a most extreme connected with two laborers to pay all individuals ventures. Extra ones can be bought by paying premium coin. Such example unquestionably moderates the abatement of gold however superfluously draws out the full gaming methodology.

The amusement likewise appears with substance and keep players centered amid the holding up. The level-based voyage guide grants players to investigate furthermore challenge AI-controlled predators. Fights work comparably as with Dragon Location. You select the expertise that suits you and pick the focus to unleash the specific assault.

Contrasts lie in the way your monsters are locked in inside the battle. They can’t battle 1 after 1 and there’s no standby monster once the ones with fight as a rule are executed. All the specific monsters come in the battle in the meantime and they will alternate making moves. Likewise, monsters ingest stamina to unleash information and now and again oblige perseverance to revive before they can incur a great deal more harm. Engaging your monsters in PVE battles expend imperativeness, which can recoup before long. A few fights later and you will be encouraged upwards with such fights kept to capacity and focus on selecting and more often than not depending about insights, or monster levels being particular.

Monster Legends is not the kind of amusement we all appreciate playing in addition to it just gives an agreeable and conventional game play that can be knowledgeable about Dragon Location, yet under a crisp title.

Advantages make expertise details regarding both people along with your beast, in addition to likely precious metal or assets based on some sort of randomly rotate.